ElearningWordPress’s flexibility and open source nature has allowed it to become a solid solution for teaching online.

You might be surprised to know that the top universities, colleges and knowledge houses in the world are using WordPress for their websites.

And, it’s not just for the big guys, WordPress is a perfect fit for smaller projects too.

I have a strong background in E-learning with over five years running online education websites for RSPCA Queensland in Australia.

Some of the features of WordPress for online learning:

  • Easy content creation: create courses, write lessons, then add quizzes to test your learners.
  • Have a school, class or student blog.
  • Easily manage courses, enrollments and publications.
  • Charge for courses: integrate training materials with an ecommerce solution.
  • Certificate creation:  Upon passing score of quizzes, users can download a certificate on the spot
  • User Management: users can sign up manually or an administrator can add them.
  • Reports reporting facilities provide you with an overview of your content, grades, students, etc.
  • Pre-Set Course and Lesson Scheduling: Allowing users to access portions of the course based on a set schedule.
  • Set a required lesson path and users can visually track their progress using the progress bar or their profile.

Other benefits of WordPress as an education tool:

  • WordPress can work with SCORM or the new TIN CAN API.
  • Hundreds of amazing educational plugins give the ability to achieve almost any desired educational objective.

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